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Recently a meeting of some members of the Günni family, who live all over the world, was held in a secret place. I was lucky to get some exclusive pictures and a short report from an unnamed source.

The Günnis are named after their first family member who was called Günther.

From left to right: Öko-Günni (Berlin/Germany), Pankratz (Hamburg/Germany), SuperSec (?/Germany), David John McDonald (Paisley/Scotland), David Tennant (London/England), Jonas Aqvataq and his son Zachariah (Illulissat/Greenland), Black Elk and White Deer with Little Elk (Montana/USA)

The 1st International Günni Meeting was organized by SuperSec. She mentioned that other members of the family were unable to attend this time, but will hopefully show up for the second meeting. It was decided to find out the whereabouts of Ali ibn Abu al-Arab, who had last been seen years ago about to cross the Arabian desert on camel back and hadn't answered the invitation. Also, some other relatives from abroad had already confirmed to attend the second meeting.

The participants of the meeting then took their time to share the latest news, gossip and rumors. The Elk family was still a little 'flat' because of jet lag, but had a great time talking to their relatives whom they hadn't met for a while. The Davids were entertaining the others with very detailed and lively told stories about their jobs. Öko-Günni (who was very interested in the effects of global warming in Greenland) and Pankratz (who is a very well-behaved young man despite of his looks) had a lot of fun meeting new people.

The meeting ended after a delicious meal which was especially enjoyed by Jonas and Zachariah (something else than fish for a change!). After saying goodbye to each other everyone promised to come back next time.
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