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Here he is: KiltyDavey. Dressed in formal wear like a real Scotsman. And in case you wonder: white CK  undies with a blue rim. Seriously. Because I know what people do when they get their hands on him. He deserves a little privacy. (Although I was tempted, I have to admit it. But I was running out of flesh coloured yarn.)*

I took a little liberty with the tartan because of the scale. I also had to combine the vest/waistcoat with the jacket, which like the kilt was knitted separately. The arms were also made separately. And he has a sgian dhu in his right sock and a knitted sporran.
I'm getting some practice now! It's really fun to make these little guys.
Next week there'll be an exclusive report from the 1st International Günni Meeting. Don't miss it!
*I know what you're thinking! Ts, ts.

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... so I made another copy of the pretty.

I promised an unruly mop of hair - here it is. With beard. And hoodie.

Currently working on No. 3 - more to follow next Monday.

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... so I made my own copy of the pretty.

Amazing how much stuffing material I needed for this little guy (maybe he's bigger on the inside?). I made him a little slimmer and a little taller than the ones I made before. Just like he is in real life.



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SuperSec can't be everywhere, so I've got me a clone. She's ready to fly.

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