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2013-05-27 05:13 pm

Cross stitch project finished

Here's my newest cross stitch portrait of The McDonald

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2013-05-04 10:23 pm

Another cross stitch project...

Finally finished my second DT cross stitch project. It looks like this:

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2012-06-06 06:38 pm

Arthur Stanley Eddington

This morning, we had Venus passing the sun. So this is the perfect opportunity to introduce you to a guy who is an expert astronomer.

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2012-05-30 01:46 pm


CAUTION! High squee factor!

Imagine your doorbell ringing.
The postman?
A vacuum cleaner salesman?
Some religious sect to save your soul?

No! It's him!

Thanks [livejournal.com profile] dieastra  :) It was kind of a challenge. Yes I can!
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2012-05-13 04:52 pm

Signor Benedick of Padua

Better late than never. Sometimes real life gets in the way. But now I've finally finished another little guy. At first I wanted to make Benedick in his white navy uniform (maybe later?). But after going through the pictures again I changed my mind.

Of course, at first he had to get a haircut. I couldn't let him wander off with this hippie hair. Now, that's better.

When I didn't pay attention for a minute, he got drunk on a can of Coke.

Being this tipsy, he smeared himself with some paint.

Typical. You can't leave men alone.
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2012-03-31 06:15 pm

The French Pen Pal

I was sitting in my living room on Wednesday evening finishing a crochet coral and thinking of what next. Some patchwork maybe? Then my muse struck me. (Only this time she must have used a baseball bat. Still got a slight bump on the back of my head.)

Of course! The French Pen Pal. Still got some terracotta yarn left from Campbell's sweater. And some blue from Hamlet's anorak. Perfect.

So here's the return of the DaveyDolls. - Well, at least a vanguard.

There'll be more in the next few weeks, as the long Easter weekend is ahead (four days off here in Germany). I can't promise any fixed dates, though. Just keep looking.

BTW: If you're interested, you'll find my crochet corals at Jule's Art Blog on the Coral Gallery page in the Crocheting Shack. Just follow the link on the right.)
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2012-01-23 08:21 am

Mesdames et messieurs -

- je vous présente

It's done. I can't believe it - I actually finished it (usually I'm very good at not finishing things). My first cross-stitch piece of our hero - well, apart from a small one I did merely for practice. Find out more here: https://newboudoir.wordpress.com/tennant-tenth-doctor/
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2011-11-28 07:58 am

New! Improved!

As Christmas is coming, the shops are filled with everything related. Finally, PlainDave has got his original star T-shirt. Cute, isn't he?

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2011-10-18 08:26 am

The Ten Tennants

Here's a first snapshot of all of them. As things go, it's always a little tricky to get the attention of a group of people. You know this if you've tried to take a picture of your family. There's always someone not paying attention. The gentlemen on the right seem to be distracted by something that's going on there. HoodieDave and KiltyDave are also clearly not with the photographer. At least Peter, the Professor and Campbell are behaving like professionals. And I really want to know what SpexyDave on the far left is thinking... going for a little practical joke, maybe?

As you can see, they hardly fit into one picture all in a row. So I think we need a professional photo session, which will take part next week. Rumor has it that they will be joined by their maker.

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2011-10-17 07:59 am

Alas, I can't have the original... (10/10)

Well, I know there are some of you out there, who - like me - care about the man behind the actor. Because even David Tennant is only a part he's playing. Some of you may have thought about what will be in say, 20 years time? Suppose his hair will have turned grey (let's hope he's not wearing a stupid ponytail *do not like*). Still in his baggy jeans and a colourful sweater. Scarf against the cold. His old brown cap from 2011. I think by then he will have gotten his reward. But - before this happens (and I'm sure it will ) - I think Life has got something (not always pleasant) in store for him in the nearer future. Here's my version of the pretty +20: Sir David Tennant.

Again, I would like to thank everyone who commented and gave me new ideas for further knitting. Your comments are always welcome. (I'll be offline from Oct 10 until Nov 6, just in case you have any questions.) I'm planning to make some more dolls next spring, but for now I've got a DT cross-stiich project on the way. If you like to convert your favourite DT pics into cross stitch like I did, try http://www.myphotostitch.com (Warning! Addictive!) Has anyone started making their own doll yet? I would love to see them.
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2011-10-10 08:06 am

Alas, I can't have the original... 9/10:

I definitely need a Hamlet now. But which one? I know - the one from the graveyard scene. Sweater, anorak with hoodie, cap. For the skull I wanted to decapitate a rubber skeleton. Ever tried to buy one? Never available when you need one. The closest thing I could find were flat white skull-shaped lollipops. Seriously. So, what do I do? Make my own using polymer clay. I tell you, Charles Darwin would have been proud of me. I produced anything from an Australopithecus to a Homo neanderthalensis, but no Homo sapiens. Hmm... an eraser in the shape of a skull which I had bought just in case?. Too small, but at least a human skull. :(

Hamlet: 'Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio.'
Skull (wonders): 'Isn't he that man from Dr Who?'
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2011-10-04 07:58 am

Alas, I can't have the original... 8/10:

As I didn't want to knit another pair of arms this time and there was a T-Shirt Dave missing, I've tried my luck with this little guy here. You may have noticed that I have designed a new T-Shirt exclusively for him. In the style of his old Bond tees, but this isn't quite what you call a Bond girl. :)

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2011-09-26 08:01 am

Alas, I can't have the original … (7/10)

Berowne from Love's Labour's Lost - He was the last to be added to my list. You can see why: a little bit of knitwork, so I didn't consider him in the first place. Knitting all the single bits for the slashed trousers (whatever they are called) took a while. But it was worth the effort. All done in Tardis blue. Suits him well, methinks.

Next week I will post on Tuesday because of a Public Holiday on Monday.
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2011-09-19 07:56 am

Alas, I can't have the original … (6/10)

I know there are a lot of you out there who like Baby!Dave. But who did expect him to be one of the DaveyDolls? Well, multicoloured sweater with exactly the right colours that were part of my leftover yarns (I only had to buy the copper one). I had no choice but to knit him. A little easier to make for a change. The hair looks grey in the pic, but is actually the right colour brown. Cuddle!

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2011-09-12 07:52 am

Alas, I can't have the original … (5/10)

This is the guy my journal got it's name from: Professor McDonald, University of Gallifrey, Department of English Literature and Time Travel. Made his home on Earth after his planet got destroyed. Lives in London disguised as an actor. He's on his way home from the post office where he picked up his new scripts. Or did I get something wrong here? ;)

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2011-09-05 07:59 am

Alas, I can't have the original ... (4/10)

Who hasn't experienced this? Your ever so quiet and peaceful home suddenly is no longer quiet and peaceful. Strange things are going on. Better get an expert in: Peter Vincent, Las Vegas magician and vampire hunter.

That's his 'Bad fangirl!' look.

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2011-08-22 07:58 am

Alas, I can't have the original ... 3/?

Here he is: KiltyDavey. Dressed in formal wear like a real Scotsman. And in case you wonder: white CK  undies with a blue rim. Seriously. Because I know what people do when they get their hands on him. He deserves a little privacy. (Although I was tempted, I have to admit it. But I was running out of flesh coloured yarn.)*

I took a little liberty with the tartan because of the scale. I also had to combine the vest/waistcoat with the jacket, which like the kilt was knitted separately. The arms were also made separately. And he has a sgian dhu in his right sock and a knitted sporran.
I'm getting some practice now! It's really fun to make these little guys.
Next week there'll be an exclusive report from the 1st International Günni Meeting. Don't miss it!
*I know what you're thinking! Ts, ts.

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2011-08-15 08:02 am

Alas, I can't have the original ... (2/?)

... so I made another copy of the pretty.

I promised an unruly mop of hair - here it is. With beard. And hoodie.

Currently working on No. 3 - more to follow next Monday.

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2011-08-08 07:58 am

Alas, I can't have the original ...

... so I made my own copy of the pretty.

Amazing how much stuffing material I needed for this little guy (maybe he's bigger on the inside?). I made him a little slimmer and a little taller than the ones I made before. Just like he is in real life.